Modern Meditation

I really enjoy the South Bath Meditations coordinated by the Human Activation team. They create a very welcoming space for all meditators of all levels, and I enjoy how they execute their sound baths half with real life singing bowls and half with an edited music track. The sounds or vibrations can be very powerful, and I find the group meditation setting really amplifies the flow of energy and connections made both on an individual/personal level to a group/higher consciousness level. I'm grateful for all generosity and work that the Human Activation team offers for the community and world at large. They're up to big things and the sound baths are only one small portion of it!

- Emily

The Sound Bath Meditation has been a very positive and uplifting experience for me. I describe it as a beautiful immersion into stillness and harmonic vibrations "bathing" your whole being and assisting you on feeling more unified with your surroundings and with other beings. Thank You Human Activation to make this possible.

- Franz

Sound bath meditation is a unique and amazing experience. Not only is itpeaceful, joyful and powerful, but surprisingly different each time you try it. It is fascinating to hear about the different experiences each individual has during the sessions.  Being in community with people who are trying to access consciousness in this way is a warm and wonderful feeling. Overall it is a great way to relax and enjoy an evening that will help you on your path to infinite possibilities.

- Jacki

The monthly sound baths are a beautiful symphony of sounds that reach into the depths of our being. The vibrations from the bowls help strip away all thoughts and ego-chatter, allowing our hearts to open up and pour itself out. It can be a very healing and soothing process. Human Activation's huge selection of bowls are played intuitively and melodically for the greatest amount of healing to all who are present. Tuning in for a tune up once a month has helped me center and balance myself, helping me observe my challenges from a fresh perspective.

- Tracy

I thoroughly enjoyed the sound bath meditation lead by Robert and Dwight. The sounds were magical. During the mediation, I felt like I was traveling in space to other galaxies. This sound journey took me to a quiet tranquil place where I reconnected with my spirit and wisdom, and with my inner self. I felt still and relaxed inside. Thanks to the meditation and its talented teachers, I can appreciate my life and be of help to those around me.

- Oxana

My first experience with Sound Bath Meditation was in a small group setting at a friend’s house. I had some experience with different styles of meditation, so I was intrigued by the inclusion of the Tibetan bowls. The facilitators were gifted in creating a calm ambiance, and the music coming from the bowls resonated with me deeply. The tension and anxiety from my work day eased itself out of my consciousness. I felt much lighter. The experience compelled me to attend the main Sound Bath Meditation event, and it was great being surrounded by a community of people who were focused on self-awareness and growth. I would recommend Sound Bath Meditation not just for the experience, but for the community as well.

- DK

The sound bath meditation hosted by Human Activation is a welcome addition to my meditation practice. The unique sounds produced by the bowls helped me to have a deeper and more meaningful experience. The calming and welcoming presence of the hosts allowed me to feel very comfortable from the minute I walked through the door. Thank you!

- Teresa

I was a skeptical, short on time non-believer when I first experienced a singing bowl session. The Facilitator kindly asked me to turn off my phone and invest just 10 minutes. WHO TURNS OFF THEIR PHONE NOW A DAYS? But grudgingly I did so and that’s when the lights went off. The accumulated amount of stress and burdens in my life was constantly downplayed and muted by the daily grind and it was not until this absolute voluntary silence was I able to recognize it.  

The silence was deafening and the anxiety was so apparent all over my body and mind. Following the facilitator’s skillful guidance and comforting instructions, I started to feel this slight release in my spirit. The first tone was gradual and strangely beautiful. Because I had my eyes closed, I couldn't tell from which direction the sound was coming from and it felt like i was surrounded by an ensemble. I lost any sense of time and this immediate wave of relief washed over me and as the overlapping of sound waves created this pulsating massage effect all over my body. I literally felt as if the stress blocks that I've been building up for years were crumbling down thanks to this physical stimuli. And then it was over… I was upset that 10 minutes already had passed and couldn't believe that I haven't done this sooner. These bowl are magical.

- Richard

Every month I await eagerly for the monthly sound bath meditation. By that time, I am ready to let go of the stress of the everyday world. My husband and I bring our mats and settle in on the floor. The sounds of the tingsha ushers us on to a ride through the universe to tranquility. I feel the self-imposed weight of the world melt from my shoulders. When we return from our journey I feel refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Before the meditation, my mind is going a mile a minute and it only becomes apparent to me once the meditation is over, as I notice how blissfully quiet my mind has become. The sound bath meditation really is the best thing someone can do for themselves.

- Ziggy

I am delighted to say that every month my wife and I get to cuddle on the floor at the sound bath meditation and let go of all that does not serve us. The sound bath meditation is one of the greatest things that has ever entered my life and I am forever grateful. Not only does is provide an opportunity for me to connect to spirit, but i also connect deeply with my wife. I feel relaxed and also feel rejuvenated after every single meditation. The relief from stress is carried with me all the way home and lasts several days. I literally always feel like it's the best one I've been to every time.

- Mike