A sound bath is a Modern Mindful Meditation experience.

Sound baths are a type of musical meditation.

As a melodic montage of sounds, our sound bath's use unique and rare ancient instruments to facilitate rapid focus and meditative states to provide a clearing, alignment, and recalibration in our cluttered world.


In-office monthly & weekly meditations

Aetna's CEO, Mark Bertolini says, in reference to the 13,000 employees who've participated in their wellness program, "Participants are regaining 62 minutes per week of productivity with an approximate dollar return, in terms of productivity alone, of more than $3,000." Source

13,000 people  x  62 minutes per week per person  =  806,000 minutes or 13,433.33 hours per week  

13,433.33 hours per week   x   52 weeks = 698,533.33 hours per year.  A gain of nearly 700,000 hours per year.


Special Event & Gala Meditations

Human Activation provides sound baths for special occasions such as weddings, special ceremonies, and large groups.

Partnering with the Park Hyatt Washington D.C., Human Activation provides their sound baths to luxury hospitality in the nation’s capital.

Photo cred: Joy Asisco


Team-building Company Events

For In-house corporate wellness events, and corporate culture and team-building experiences, sound baths facilitate a tangible connection of kinship and community.

Strategic Planning & Retreat Facilitation

 Whether planning for quarterly or semi-annual strategic direction, stress and tension tends to be high. Experience how the Tibetan Singing Bowls provide an atmosphere of flow and collaboration.

Executive Private Sessions

Experience a private, intimate session with a certified Facilitator for personalized attention and care.

For pricing and further details please submit an inquiry with an explanation of your request.