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sound frequency specialist, Patrick Dimond

As a Sound Frequency Specialist, Patrick has been working alongside Monte and Robert on the Human Activation team for 4 years now, honing his unique signature with the ancient singing bowls. Patrick possesses a unique set of some of the oldest singing bowls called the Manipuris. They have a very distinct concert pitch which aids in etheric clarity and rapid transcendental effectiveness.

Photo credit: Joy Asico

Photo credit: Joy Asico

Sound Frequency Specialist, Private session awakening facilitator, ROBERT LEE

With a background and degree in corporate finance, Robert specializes in personal and business growth and development, Robert assists in providing sound frequency meditations to groups throughout the DC metro area.

Co-founder, cco, liz miller

As the Chief Communications Officer, Liz brings over 20 years of customer relations as a lifestyle consultant and event planner. 


Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, Monte Hansen

International corporate coach and sound frequency specialist, Monte Hansen, is the co-founder of Human Activation and the Crystal Ashram. Monte has traveled the world as a corporate coach and meditation specialist in separate applications and has, in most recent years, integrated the two with profound lasting effects for private and group facilitations.


All founders are actively involved in multiple outreach functions. From meditation facilitations, ranging from local community churches to corporate consulting, and facilitation for strategic planning and regular company re-alignment for consistent cohesion and growth. They have worked with companies such as CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, and Hyatt, as well as doing many volunteer efforts in the community.