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Did you know that Mitchel Gaynor, Cornell Medical College's Center for Integrative Medicine director of medical oncology, is renown for Tibetan Singing bowls successfully being used in his medical practice? 

Did you know according to Harvard trained Dr. Leonard Horowitz, "all healing occurs from sonic waves or vibrations, specific frequencies of sound"?

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For thousands of years, masters of alchemy have been forging powerful instruments from their ancient wisdom, called      Tibetan Singing Bowls.



corporate settings

Modern science now recognizes the advanced application of these instruments because of their powerful binaural beats and rapid transcendental relaxation ability. We bring these ancient tools into our modern workplaces to provide rapid relaxation and recalibration for a refreshing reboot in our modern stressful world.






These instruments have been used in many ceremonies and religions through the millennia. Our use of these sacred instruments is no longer tethered to any religion, custom, or dogma, instead used for the unification and alignment in our complex cultural world.

Made from 7 - 12 different metals and minerals, the mixed alchemy of these bowls are now used to forge new levels of achievement, unification, and productivity in our modern society. 

A global trend

“There is a clear focus on wellness at many corporations to really promote a holistic approach to the individuals that are working for them so they can be more productive and happier,” Hyatt CEO Mark Hoplamazian told Fortune. “This is an important megatrend for us to pay attention to.”


Corporate retreat

how it works

Find yourself in a warm, inviting room of people who are buzzing with excitement. They're stretching, whispering, laughing, sitting, standing, or laying down. All different, yet they're all here for a common purpose--to be immersed in the relaxing frequencies of Tibetan Singing Bowls. They're here to experience a Sound Bath.

You stand on your tip-toes and crane your neck to grab a glimpse of the beautiful art installation at the center of the room.

Suddenly, a hush of silence washes over the room. The final ancient metal Tibetan Singing Bowl has been meticulously arranged in its proper place. The facilitator looks up, smiles, and welcomes the crowd.  We're ready to begin.

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