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Monthly Sound Bath Meditation

Human Activation
Sound Bath Meditation

" Warmed by our inner central Sun"

This month's meditation targets our central chakra. The solar plexus is the center vortex of balanced health for our body and soul. The color for the Chakra is Yellow, the crystal is Citrine, and the musical note is "E". Come rE-store, rE- align, and rE-jeuvenate with a rE-laxing "E" note of the ManEpura Chakra.   

7:00PM -  Meditation Reception

**Meditation in our sacred space will begin promptly at 7:30 pm.  Please refrain from entering after 7:30pm.**    

7:30 -  Doors Close & Meditation Begins

8:30 -  Meditation Ends & Followed by Progressive Realization Fellowship and Networking

Suggested donation admittance fee: at least $15  
All proceeds go to support the Crystal Ashram project where the Human Activation school of expanded consciousness will be held.

                         Did You Know? 
The vibrations of the singing bowls cause a light internal massage to all of our cells. The same results are conducted by physiotherapists with ultra-sonic sound waves.
- From "Singing Bowls, a practical handbook"

Bring your pillows, blankeys, and yoga mats and snuggle into the comfort of the tranquil sounds. Feel free to sit, lay, or even stand!

"Sound bath meditation is a unique and amazing experience. Not only is it peaceful, joyful and powerful, but surprisingly different each time you try it.

It is fascinating to hear about the different experiences each individual has during the sessions. 

Being in community with people who are trying to access consciousness in this way is a warm and wonderful feeling.

Overall it is a great way to relax and enjoy an evening that will help you on your path to infinite possibilities."

- Jacki

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