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Resolve to Evolve: Progressive Evening Retreat

  • Unity by the Bay 4 Pointless Forest Trail Annapolis, MD 21409 United States (map)

Resolve to Evolve: Seasonal Progressive Evening Retreats

This is a time when so many teachers just talk to you like talking heads — their heads to your head. We intend a different experience. A pathway to the Heart. A journey through the story of ancient indigenous ones and joining their journey by partaking of the body altering pure form of chocolate called Cacao. This plant is known for its clarity and alignment with your soul’s purpose. Remembrance! Add to that the ancient frequencies of Tibetan bowls and gongs and the journey out of your head and into your heart begins. Once there the Soulfull Sima sounds will lock it down with intentional lyrics to tug at your heart strings to open you further to allowance, vulnerability, and transformation.

*Sacred Cacao Opening with Jim and Christel


*Sound and Crystal Vibrations with Monte and Liz

*SoulFULL Conscious Music with Bob and Shannon

What will we do?

What will we create?

What will we use?
“Tibetan bowls, temple gong,
Food of the Gods, ancient song,
Symphony of the Universe, elemental chime,
Integrated breath, soothing and sublime.”

The seasonal ebb and flow of nature’s cycle allows for the greatest lessons, awakenings, and evolution if we choose to listen and follow. The dates selected allow for three uniquely designed experiences that start during the birthing of spring, express during the fullness of life in the summer, and slowly dissolve into the harvest of fall. All lead into the stillness of winter, when we rest and recharge for a new spring rebirthing – when we resolve to evolve into the next phase of our soul’s journey. In the comfort and safety of a sacred space, you will:
*Activate a soul expansion that leads to external joy and subconscious bliss
*Remember the feeling of true freedom by accepting who you are as a conscious and intentional spiritual being
*Awaken your full human potential through a balanced and authentic path of realization

SPRING DATE: Sat May 13th
–Spring Intention: 3 Lower PHYSICAL Chakras – Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus

SUMMER DATE: Sat Aug 12th, same location
–Summer Intention: The Middle TRANSITION Heart Chakra

FALL DATE: Sat Nov 11th, same location
–Fall Intention: 3 Upper SPIRITUAL Chakras – Throat, Brow, and Crown

TIME: 5-9pm

**Advance ticket sales end May 12th at noon**
NOTE: all tickets at the door will be $77
*If you wish to register for ALL THREE EVENTS now, you will receive discount pricing at $55 per event*


If you experience issues registering online, please call 800-838-3006 and a customer service representative will assist. If you missed the deadline, you are welcome to pay at the door.


Why do we have TIERED PRICING? Because our experience shows that some people want to support the creative arts and experience more commUNITY gatherings beyond the price of the seat. So were allowing you to do that now if you so choose. As you see, there are six facilitators for this event who are pouring their heart and spirit into creating and delivering an exquisite retreat for you. We will also have a donation basket at the event as well if you feel drawn to supplement your advance.

Why get an ADVANCE TICKET? It really helps us plan and prepare the cacao and the space FOR YOU. It allows everyone to be more present during the reception without having to collect money at the door. We would greatly appreciate your advance commitment.

* Please bring a water bottle
* There will be seating available
* If you wish to sit or lay on the floor – feel free to bring a yoga mat and any other items to create a comfortable floor space