Pathway to Liberation


The general framework is a 2-month, 7-session (11 hours total) process that gives you 3 take-away tools to activate, realize, and sustain your potential. You may use these tools for any endeavor you wish to be successful at.

The process begins with the Facilitator providing you two of these tools - experiential empowerment exercises through e-mail. Accomplishing these two activities allows you to hit-the-ground running, and ensures your transformation occurs with velocity.

With these completed, you have Session 1, which cores down and reveals the underlying deep issues that you get to remove and breakthrough. Immediately after your session, an accountability system goes into place, and you have daily activities that begins the process of transformation. Modern science calls it neuroplasticity. Essentially, we are creating and reinforcing new neural pathways. Writing new fresh programs instead of rewriting old programs.

Session 2 consists of getting clear on your future and how you can actively transform your goal into a reality now.

Also, after your second session, you prepare a list of questions you would like to ask your intuitive wisdom. Some people call that part of them, their higher-selves. 

Sessions 3 - 5, which take place 1 - 2 weeks after Session 2, consist of guided meditation and creative visualization. These sessions take place over 3 consecutive days. 

These sessions allow an expanded connection with your Higher Self, in a way that you can tangibly feel and experience.

Guided into a very deep transcendental state of meditation by voice, music, and singing bowls, you will experience stories or images filled with signs, symbols, or messages to apply as practical lessons to your present life. In addition, your heart's wisdom will speak through you and provide guidance on your prepared questions. (All sessions will be recorded for your review and enhanced understanding)

Many releases and profound realizations will occur during these 3 deeply transformative days.

Finally, we have Session 6, within 1  week after Session 5. This is where progress made from the homework and Session 1 and 2 comes into play.

During this session, we will ensure you that you are following and implementing the guidance provided. Using our empowerment technology, you will actively transform this new pathway of life into reality with velocity. Here, we will bring everything full circle so you experience a very clear and complete feel to your transformation with a tangible, sustainable action plan.

To follow up on your progress, Session 7 takes place 1 month after Session 6 to keep you accountable to your Identity and Goal, and new direction in alignment with your Higher Self.

Upon completing this session, if for any reason you feel unsatisfied, while following each step of guidance along the way, We will provide a full money-back refund with no questions asked.