Did you know your brain emits a specific type of brain-wave when you're experiencing meditation?

Biophysicist Erwin Neher discovered brain waves altered by EEGs and brain patterns created in a meditative state were that of alpha brain-waves. Neher found that "“The vibrating resonance of Tibetan bowls has been correlated with the generation of an alpha brain-wave state, while ting-shang, small cymbal-like bells used by Tibetan meditators, have been described as producing the consciousness-altering theta state” (Brummel-Smith 2008: 317)


Another theory involves brain patterns recorded on EEGs correlating with brain waves created by singing bowls. During the 1960s, (Neher 1961). While beta waves are produced in a normal state of the brain, alpha waves are produced in the brain during a state of meditation and relaxation. Theta waves are present in ‘half sleep’ and delta waves are produced only during deep sleep. Waves produced during a meditative state created by singing bowls are found to be exactly like those of alpha waves. According to Neher’s study, . In addition, it has been shown that generally when one is induced in a meditative state, the production of alpha waves increases (Hardt 1994; Travis 2001).This demonstrates the physiological as well as psychological effects that the singing bowl has on the human body.

Science of Meditation