Did you know the root word of educate is educe, which means to bring out something potential or latent?


scroll down to bring out your potential power or hidden strengths.

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pathway to liberation

This is where it all starts.

Experience educational empowerment for life-path alteration.

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This 1-month 5-session pathway, tailor-fit to you, is designed to activate your full potential.

People find greater joy, peace, and purpose, after experiencing this process.

You will receive 3 take-away empowerment technologies that you can use for the rest of your life for any endeavor.

100% money-back guarantee



for participants who want to experience a new and exciting career, consider Human activation facilitation.

Enroll in the Human Activation School and get certified to guide people to their unique life of authenticity, fulfillment, and joy.

Students will learn through continued experiential educational empowerment the philosophies of Human Activation, forming the model to guide participants to their own sovereignty.

This first phase of Facilitator certification consists of 25 hours of class completed within 1 week or 4 months, depending on the velocity each class of Students collectively decides.



More information is forthcoming!



More information is forthcoming!


More information is forthcoming!



More information is forthcoming!